CONNECTA hosts the second workshop within its sub-project ‘Technical Assistance for the Deployment of Smart and Sustainable Mobility in the Western Balkans’

The second workshop within CONNECTA’s sub-project ‘Technical Assistance for the Deployment of Smart and Sustainable Mobility in the Western Balkans’ was held in Belgrade on 06 July, 2022.

The event was attended by the representatives of the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat, the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy of Albania, the Albanian Institute of Transport, the Albanian Agency for Energy Efficiency, the Ministry of Transport and Communications of North Macedonia, the Public Enterprise for State Roads of North Macedonia, the Ministry of Construction, Transport, and Infrastructure of Serbia, the Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia and the representative of the Charge&GO company.

The Workshop agenda included the presentation of the current status of the conducted activities and the sub-project’s to-date deliverables, the presentation of the to-date practices in the region, a global situation with the electric vehicle and e-charging, as well as the surveys needed for specific sub-project topics.

The event’s interactive approach and the practice-oriented concept engaged all the parties in addressing several important issues/aspects related to the implementation of this sub-project. The result of this engagement will further facilitate the materialisation of the targets/objectives defined in the Technical Assistance’ respective Scope of Work.



AGENDA_06 July 2022

Presentation_CONNECTA_ Impact assessment and cost effectiveness analysis of the Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy for the Western Balkans

Presentation_CONNECTA_ Strategic framework for deployment of e-charging infrastructure in the Western Balkans

Presentation_CONNECTA_Safe locations for the e-charging locations

Presentation_CONNECTA_ Methodological approach: Capacity and locations for e-charging

Presentation_CONNECTA_ Criteria for prioritisation of sustainable and smart mobility actions

Presentation_ Albanian Agency for Energy Efficiency_ Electromobility in Albania – current state of art and the way forward on Electromobility in Albania

Presentation_Albanian Institute for Transport_Enernetmob project

Presentation_Public Enterprise Roads of Serbia_E-charging stations in Serbia legislation, planning and implementation

Presentation_Charge&GO_charge&Go as a digital platform for electric vehicle charging