CONNECTA technical assistance for sustainable safety interventions on ten road sections in the Western Balkans presented at the fifth Road Safety Technical Committee meeting

Under the auspices of the Transport Community, the fifth meeting of the Technical Committee on Road Safety was held on 23 September, via videoconference. The meeting reaffirmed the importance of improving road safety on high-risk road sections in the Western Balkans, as well as concrete and joint action required by all: the Transport Community, national, regional and local authorities, industry and civil society, each in their areas of responsibility.

CONNECTA Team attended the meeting to present the ongoing technical assistance Preparation of selected main/detail designs for improving road safety conditions (risk elimination) along high risk sections in the TEN-T indicative core/comprehensive road networks in the Western Balkans. The main objective of the assignment is to improve the road safety conditions (and reduce the fatalities and serious injuries) along the Indicative Extension of the Core/Comprehensive Network to the Western Balkans. The ten road sections to be designed for immediate safety interventions were identified based on the findings and recommendations from CONNECTA’s regional Study (Road Safety Inspection individual reports), as well as the Road Safety indicators.

For details of CONNECTA’s assignment – objectives, current status and planned activities, please see CONNECTA Presentation.


For meeting’s details, please visit the TCT website.