CONNECTA starts the technical assistance for the update of the main design for the railway section Šamac – Kostajnica in BiH

Recently intensified privatisation and recovery of heavy industry in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as well as the expansion of the Port of Ploče at the South end of Corridor Vc, have created new prospects for the railway sector in BiH. However, the poor conditions of the existing infrastructure, which has an operating speed of 20-70 km/h, will not be able to respond to growing demand without substantial investment in its rehabilitation and modernisation.

The kick-off meeting to mark the start of the sub-project ‘Technical Assistance for the review/update of the main design and BOQ and for the preparation of tender documentation for Project: Republika Srpska Railway Route Rehabilitation Project on European Railway Corridor Vc – route Šamac-Kostajnica’ was held in Banja Luka on 9 June.

The railway route of Corridor Vc which runs through Republika Srpska from Šamac to the outskirts of Kostajnica (excluding the station) is approximately 56 km long, mainly single-track, constructed between 1950 and 1953. The last overhaul for the section was carried out in 1970 and 1971.

The purpose of CONNECTA’s assignment is to provide comprehensive and reliable inputs for future design-build tender documents and related Works contract(s), comprising:

  1. Review and improvements/supplements of existing technical documentation for overhaul and upgrade of railways sections Šamac – Kostajnica (exclusive)*;
  2. Technical parts of tender documentation (Employer’s/Performance Requirements, Schedule of Prices (supported with bills of quantities) and Drawings) for future design-build Works contract(s);
  3. “Designer’s cost estimates” for the scope included in the above-mentioned documentation.

The European Railway Corridor Vc is the shortest and most efficient connection between Mediterranean ports and Central Europe. Modernisation and reconstruction of the Vc railway network in Bosnia and Herzegovina will generate economic benefits, facilitate regional cooperation and the EU integration of BiH. The anticipated increase in railways operations is also expected to reduce pollution and promote environmentally friendly modes of transport.

*The border of this sub-project is described in its ToR as ‘Kostajnica (exclusive)’ because Kostajnica station itself is included in a separate ToR for the southern section of the route.


Additional information on the assignment can be obtained by contacting Chris Germanacos, CONNECTA Team Leader, at .