CONNECTA starts the technical assistance for Consultancy services for preparation of a set of tunnel and fire safety studies for the Prenj Tunnel in Corridor Vc


The construction of approximately 36 km of motorway between Ovčari (Konjic) and Mostar North, including the 12.4 km long subsection of Prenj tunnel, constitutes an integral part of the Corridor Vc that runs through Bosnia and Herzegovina, connecting the port of Ploče in Croatia with Budapest. The largest investment programme in Bosnia and Herzegovina – the Corridor Vc,  will improve regional connectivity, shorten travel times and increase road safety along the route, whilst contributing to the social and economic integration of the Western Balkans with the European Union.

The tendering for the construction of the motorway between Ovčari (Konjic) and Mostar North, subsection of Prenj tunnel, one of the most complex parts of Corridor Vc, is expected to be launched in late 2020/early 2021.

The scope of CONNECTA technical assistance is to develop a set of studies in terms of tunnel safety and fire safety for the Prenj tunnel, including:

  • Quantitative Risk Analysis Study (QRA)
  • Ventilation Study
  • Risk Assessment Study on Dangerous Goods Transport

The intended set of studies is expected to define the mandatory level of technical equipment necessary in the tunnel to achieve the required level of fire safety prescribed by internationally recognised technical regulations. The solutions related to the safety of tunnel users will be defined in line with the provisions of Directive 2004/54 EC.

The kick off meeting attended by the Bosnian beneficiaries, JP Autoceste FBiH, as well as both funding agencies – the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB), was held on 16 June to mark the start of CONNECTA’s sub-project ‘Consultancy services for preparation of a set of tunnel and fire safety studies for the Prenj Tunnel in Corridor Vc’. Due to the COVID-19 situation, this meeting was held virtually.


To learn more on the Corridor Vc and Construction Works during the pandemic, please see WBIF Factsheet


Additional information on the assignment can be obtained by contacting Chris Germanacos, CONNECTA Team Leader, at .