CONNECTA experts attend the second Transport Facilitation Technical Committee meeting

Under the auspices of the Transport Community Permanent Secretariat, the second meeting of the Transport Facilitation Technical Committee took place in Pristina on 17 October.

The meeting’s Agenda introduced the road and rail BCPs state of play and status of implementation of the agreed measures, on-going regional/transnational projects relevant for transport facilitation in the wider region and the transport industry institutional frameworks.

CONNECTA Team attended the meeting and, together with the TC Secretariat, briefed the participants on the new border crossing facilitation assignments aiming to remove obstacles at border/common crossing points and improve connectivity in the Western Balkans.

The Technical Committee on Transport Facilitation welcomed the request for two regional TA services on BCP facilitation:

  1. TA for design of common facilities on selected road border crossing points on the core TEN-T network in the Western Balkans (Hani iElezit/Blace, Dobrakovo/Gostun and Bijaca/Nova Sela). The application will be effective upon signature of bilateral agreements/protocols for one stop shop controls.
  2. TA for establishing electronic queuing management system (e-QMS) on Corridor X (Orient East Med corridor).The two applications for TA services which will be carried out by CONNECTA were prepared by the TC Secretariat with the support of CONNECTA Team.


For meeting’s conclusions, please visit the TCT website.