CONNECTA completes the Technical Assistance for preparatory studies for Project: Motorway on Corridor Vc – from Interchange Johovac to Interchange Vukosavlje

The scope of CONNECTA’s assignment was to carry out the preparatory studies and to undertake preparation of tender documentation for construction of the 36 km long section of the motorway along Corridor Vc in Republika Srpska, which runs from its entity border with the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the north (Interchange Vukosavlje), to the entity border in the south (Interchange Johovac).

The Project area is situated in the north-east part of Bosnia and Herzegovina, between the towns of Modriča and Doboj. It is a rural area with a number of villages formed along the two regional roads along the banks of the River Bosna. The most important structures proposed along the planned section are the cut-and-cover tunnel Dobor (approx. 1 km) and four bridges over the Bosna River (up to 600 m each). Besides four bridges across the Bosna River, a number of small water courses will be crossed by culverts. The local agricultural roads will be intersected by 23 underpasses.

The overall objective of this technical assistance was to

  • Update the engineering design and related cost estimate and prepare the necessary tender documentation to ensure that the project can be contracted effectively and efficiently;
  • Reconfirm the feasibility of the selected technical solution;
  • Fill in any gaps in the safeguard documentation to ensure the project’s compliance with national and EIB standards; and
  • Perform a road safety audit on the design.

An important segment of the planning-study documentation resulting from CONNECTA’s successfully completed assignment are the Biodiversity Assessment Report, the Environmental and Social Management Plan, the Environmental and Social Action Plan, the Stakeholder Engagement Plan and  the Resettlement Action Plan which will ensure that the Project is carried out following the best practices tackling both environmental and social issues.


Corridor Vc is a major transit road between the countries of the region that runs through Bosnia and Herzegovina, and was thus identified as “Flagship 2 – Connecting North to South” in the European Commission’s Economic and Investment Plan for the Western Balkans 2021-2027. Following the TEN-T Mediterranean Corridor extension to the Western Balkans, Corridor Vc starts in Budapest, runs via northern Croatia (Osijek), crosses 325 kilometres through Bosnia and Herzegovina via Doboj, Zenica, Sarajevo and Mostar and ends in the Croatian port of Ploče.


Additional information on the assignment can be obtained by contacting Chris Germanacos, CONNECTA Team Leader, at