CONNECTA completes the technical assistance for establishing an electronic queuing management system on selected road border crossing points on the indicative extension of TEN-T network in the Western Balkans

To complement the core transport network in the Western Balkans and ensure businesses and citizens take full advantage of the flow of goods and services, market integration and its competitiveness, it is essential to continuously support the implementation of the regional Connectivity Agenda transport reform measures. Being directly related to facilitation of movement and effective cross-border road transport, the establishment of the electronic queuing management system (e-QMS) on Corridor X in the Western Balkans has been identified as one of the Transport Community priority measures.

To assist the Regional Participants in designing and procuring the suitable systems to implement the e-QMS on the four selected border points (BCPs), CONNECTA team undertook the following actions:

  • Scoping and needs assessment along the corridor;
  • Presentation of proposals for all technical, institutional/legal, operational and financial arrangements;
  • Preparation of designs (where needed and at the level requested by national rulebooks) of waiting areas/facilities ahead of BCPs;
  • Provision of technical specifications and software architecture for the e-QMS application (software – equipment); and
  • Preparation of a procurement plan covering also institutional, operational and financing issues. Preparation of a “design-build” tendering type and relevant dossier with bill of quantities, costs breakdown and timeline.

The successfully completed assignment is expected to advance the tendering and operation of e-QMS at the following BCPs along Corridor X (as a pilot):

    • Road BCP Batrovci/Bajakovo (Serbia/Croatia), Corridor X, Orient-East/MED Corridor
    • Road BCP Presevo/Tabanovce, (Serbia/North Macedonia), Corridor X, Orient-East/MED Corridor
    • Road BCP Bogorodica/Evzoni (North Macedonia/Greece), Corridor X, Orient-East/MED Corridor
    • Road BCP Horgos/Roszke (Serbia-Hungary), Corridor X, Orient-East/MED Corridor

Once established, the e-QMS will provide for simpler and more efficient border controls, reduced waiting and processing times and consequently, reduced trade and logistic costs.

This technical assistance derived from the completed CONNECTA regional study on road BCP facilitation (Feasibility Study for road border crossing facilitation on the indicative extension of TEN-T road core/comprehensive network in Western Balkans) where selected BCPs were studied and the prioritization was made for a specific cluster of the BCPs on Corridor X with respect to the e-QMS system application.


Additional information on the assignment can be obtained by contacting Giorgos Xanthakos, CONNECTA Deputy Team Leader, at