Completion of Strategic Framework for Intelligent Transport Systems in the Western Balkans

Completion of the Strategic Framework for the implementation of intelligent transport systems (ITS) in the Western Balkans for a safe and efficient transport network in the region and closer integration with the EU.

The Regional Strategic Framework for ITS development in the Western Balkans, roadmaps for each Regional Participant and all transport modes, and cost-benefit analyses are now complete. The documentation was developed under the EU-funded project CONNECTA and covers all road and rail corridors and routes, the inland waterways of the Danube and Sava Rivers, seaports on the Core network as well as their interfaces. In total, 5,470 km of roads, 4,017 km of railways, 1,345 km of inland waterways and two seaports were analysed.

The Strategic Framework and the Roadmaps are the reference documments for all Regional Participants and will serve as the basis for a coordinated ITS development in the region. Further actions, including the transposition of the relevant EU legislative and regulatory framework, are necessary in order to proceed with the deployment of ITS and achieve the goal of a fully functional core transport network by 2030. This is a challenging process, but the commitment of the Regional Participants and the EU’s continued support will ensure the way forward.


Additional information on the assignment can be obtained by contacting Chris Germanacos, CONNECTA Team Leader, at .